Чем дальше в лес — Into the Woods (2014)

Сегодня хочу пригласить вас посмотреть замечательную сказку Into the Woods. В наших кинотеатрах она прошла под названием «Чем дальше в лес…«, и, наверное, многие из вас ее посмотрели. История представляет собой безумную смесь разных сказочных историй, но через призму взрослого восприятия: мама Джека (с бобами) думает, что он — дурак; Красная шапочка умеет отбиваться от хулиганов, а жена Пекаря (как и все жены) считает, что лучше все сделать самой…

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Кроме оригинального сюжета фильм завораживает музыкой — только ради этого стоит посмотреть его с оригинальной озвучкой!  Что касается лексики, с высокого уровня pre-intermediate вполне осилите. Впрочем, если вы только начинаете, все равно попробуйте посмотреть.

Из заданий для вас как всегда вопросы, те что со звездочкой (*) для discussing/essay, остальные просто по содержанию. Ниже вы найдете ссылку на торрент файл. Как ею пользоваться можно почитать здесь. Если совсем ничего не помогает — пишите сюда.

Волшебного вам вечера!

Кстати, ограничение 12+

Into the Woods. 

  1. Who lived in the village?
  2. What did each of them wish?
  3. Who did Cinderella live with? Why?
  4. What “super ability” did she have?
  5. Why did the young lad and him mom have to sell the cow?
  6. *Do you believe the boy to be a fool?
  7. Why did the witch come to the baker’s house?
  8. What offence did she have?
  9. *Do you believe she is going to help?
  10. What things shall the witch have to dismiss the spell?
  11. Why did all the heroes go into the woods?
  12. Why was there a tree on Cinderella’s mother’s grave?
  13. How did it help him?
  14. Who did the little girl meet? What did he want from her?
  15. Why can’t the witch collect the “objects” by herself?
  16. Why couldn’t the baker get the cape?
  17. How did the bakers manage to buy the cow?
  18. * Would you cheat a child like that to get the thing you need? Under what circumstances?
  19. Who was Rapunszel?  *Are you surprised?
  20. What was wrong to the granny?
  21. What happened next?
  22. Why did the little girl give the cape to the baker?
  23. Why did Cinderella run away?
  24. Where did Jack get the money?
  25. What happened to the cow?
  26. Why do the princes know each other?
  27. What idea did the baker’s wife get?
  28. * What impression did you get about the princes?
  29.  How did the baker’s wife get the hair?
  30. What did the baker want from the women in the carriage?
  31. * Do you support the idea “it takes two” to do great things? Why (not)?
  32. Why was the witch angry with Rapunzel?
  33. *Should parents protect children all the time? Whose side do you take?
  34. Where did the girl get the new cape?
  35. Why did Jack steal the harp?
  36.  Why couldn’t Cinderella escape?
  37. * Do you think she had a hard choice?
  38. What happened to the last bean?
  39. What did Cinderella’s step-mother do to make the shoe fit?
  40. Why did the birds attack the sisters?
  41. How did the prince regain his ability to see?
  42. What’s wrong to the cow?
  43. Why didn’t the spell work?
  44. How did they solve the problem?
  45. What happened at the celebration?
  46. What really happened?
  47. Why was the girl in the woods?
  48. What did the giant want?
  49. What variants did the heroes have to escape from danger?
  50. * Which solution would be the best for you?
  51. Why did the baker and his wife go to different directions?
  52. Who did they find in the woods?
  53. Do the prince and Cinderella seem to be a happy couple?
  54. *Why do you think the baker’s wife let the prince to kiss her?
  55. How did the baker learn about his wife’s death?
  56. *Whose fault is it from your point of view? Is the witch right?
  57. What happened to the witch?
  58. Why did the baker change his mind?
  59. What plan did they have to defeat the giant?
  60. How did Cinderella learn about prince’s cheat?
  61. Why did they break up?
  62. *Do you believe everyone should have a chance for forgiveness?
  63. What were they going to do after the victory?
  64. *Does the film have the happy ending? Why (not)?
  65. *Is the film for children or adults? Why?
  66. *What can this film teach you?

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