Дьявол носит Прада — The Devil Wears Prada (2006) на английском.

На этой неделе предлагаю вам посмотреть на английском фильм «Дьявол носит Прада». Это замечательное кино 2006 года с Мерил Стрип и Энн Хаттауэй. Фильм получил множество наград и уже только поэтому заслуживает внимания.

36763_devil_wears_prada_anne_hathaway_meryl_streep_adrian_grenier_stanley_tucciПри просмотре фильма обратите внимание, что одна из актрис (Эмили Блант, в фильме Эмили) — англичанка. Это значит, что у вас есть возможность сравнить американский и британский вариант языка (произношение, лексика).

Так как фильм сейчас невозможно хранить в соцсети, предлагаю вам  ссылку на торрент-файл. Если не работает, пишите сюда.

 Ссылка для скачивания.

После загрузки на ваш комьютер в настройках плейера выбираем аудио — original и, если необходимо, субтитры — английские.

О неработающих ссылках сообщайте, пожалуйста,  сюда.

Как всегда я предлагаю вам найти ответы на вопросы к фильму. Список ниже (если чего-то в фильме вы не нашли — пишите в комментарии). Удачи!

  • What are the differences between Andrea’s and other girls’ morning?
  • How does it characterize her?
  • What is her occupation?
  • What is there in the building which she came in?
  • Who is Amy?
  • Why do they need an employee?
  • Who is Miranda?
  • What’s the name of the magazine?
  • What did Amy get to her cell phone?
  • Why were the people in the office so worried?
  • What impression does Miranda produce?
  • What was she interested in while interviewing Andrea?
  • How did Andrea react?
  • What did Andrea’s friends think about her new job?
  • What time did the work start? What were Andrea’s tasks?
  • Why are phone calls so important in this office?
  • What happened with the previous assistant?
  • What is the Book?
  • Why ought an assistant to give it to Miranda every evening?
  • What and why did Nigel give to Andrea?
  • Why did she put on the shoes?
  • What is the run-through?
  • What do Andrea’s colleagues think about her?
  • Was she going to change her style?
  • What does it mean “Miranda killed the jackets”?
  •  Who is Irv Ritz? Was he angry with Miranda’s decision?
  • What happened during the run-through?
  • Who are the Clackers?
  • Was Andrea really upset about it? Why (not)?
  • Where did Andrea’s father come from?
  • Why was he worried?
  • What happened to Miranda?
  • Why was Miranda disappointed?
  • What did Nigel say about this situation?
  • What did Andrea decide to do?
  • What did Andrea’s boyfriend think about the changes?
  • Do you think Andrea’s decision was a good thing to do?
  • Why was Andrea furious after the meeting in the café?
  • Whom did she meet? Where?
  • Why was Christian Tompson so important for Andrea?
  • What did he offer her?
  • How did Miranda evaluate James Holt’s collection?
  • What is her “scale”?
  • What  happened after James Holt’s run-through?
  • What were the rules about delivering the Book?
  • What did Andrea do wrong?
  • What did she see?
  • What was the revenge?
  • How did Andrea solve the problem?
  • Where did she get the book from?
  • What was Andrea working at in the evening?
  • Why do you think she had problems in her personal life?
  • What  happened to Emily?
  • Why did Miranda need both assistants at the benefit?
  • What was Andrea late for?
  • What  happened at Andy’s?
  • What offer did Miranda make?
  • What was Andy’s reaction?
  • What did Miranda want Andy to tell Emily?
  • What happened next?
  • What  happened at the exhibition?
  • What was the reason for breaking up?
  • What did Miranda’s husband decide to do?
  • Why was Andrea shocked?
  • What was Nigel going to do?
  • What did Andy find in Christian’s room?
  • Why Jacqueline was supposed to become a new editor-in-chef?
  • Why was Andy trying to warn Miranda?
  • Did Miranda believe her?
  • Who became the new president of James Holt International?
  • Why did Miranda do this?
  • How did Nigel react?
  • Why nobody except Miranda could do her job?
  • What forced Andy to leave Miranda?
  • Do you think she was right?
  • What do you think Miranda thought of her?
  • What reference did Miranda give Andy?
  • What was Nate going to do?
  • Did Andy learn anything from this experience? What?
  • What would you do if you were her? (in key bits)

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